Video Games

This page catalogues my involvement in various games, both amateur and professional. Hopefully this list will grow. Like the other pages, mostly releases, few ongoing.


Sound Design, Linguistics, Worldbuilding, Some Coding, Steam Store Page, Trailer

DOOMBRINGER is a Quake-like arena First-Person Shooter where you battle your way through large, gothic maps is single player, and frag your friends in multiplayer Deathmatch, using a compelling post-apocalyptic steampunk aesthetic.

My responsibilities included doing the sound design for the game, as well as the coding to hook up all the sounds and such. I even wrote a constructed language for all of the baddies to speak in order to make them sound more mysterious and alien - they are part of an occult death cult, after all.

Buy it! Support the indie scene! DOOMBRINGER!

The Adventures of Square

Level Design, Sound Design, Coding, Writing, Some Spriting, Project Coordination, Page, E1 Trailer, E2 Trailer

The Adventures of Square is a stand-alone GZDoom Engine First-Person Shooter featuring an anthropomorphic square named Square who needs to shoot his way across Shape Land in order to save Dr. Octagon from the Circle of Evil, a group of evil circles. Awesome.

I did the project coordination and management of this project, as well as quality assurance and sound design, and I was chief designer for a bunch of maps, and gameplay balanced all of them. My main duty was to ensure everybody could do work and understood the assets and available code hooks so that they could make content. The basic stuff of management.