It's me!

Hello, Internet! I'm Matt Tropiano, and I like to program things and make stuff for video games (and also make the video games, too)!

My work spans a bunch of different programming languages (C, Java, JS, PHP), markup languages (Markdown, XML, HTML), formatting languages (CSS), and all sorts of video games from yesteryear (Doom, Rise of The Triad, Quake). Maybe you've seen my work, or maybe you haven't.

I also do Sound Design and vocals for video games, and my work can be seen in The Adventures of Square as well as in DOOMBRINGER, in which I wrote an entire Constructed Language for its bestiary!

I have also written two scripting languages: one called TAMEScript, used in the TAME Interactive Fiction Engine to make text adventures, and RookScript, an all-purpose scripting language for Java that drives some utilities in DoomTools, like WadScript and DoomMake.

I also wrote the public-facing API for the idGames Archive at

I also did a talk about my creative journey for VideoBrains 2016, and have been interviewed by In The Keep as well as Burning Bridges with BridgeBurner about my 25 years of Doom Modding.