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March 20, 2014 by Matt Tropiano
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First post of the year!

In late March!

About something that happened in early February!

So I did this thing on Doom Radio where I, Alfonzo, dew, and Tarnsman talk about the recent Cacowards at DoomWorld, and I get really modest about Forsaken Overlook winning an award.

Listen to it here!

November 27, 2013 by Matt Tropiano
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Hey, all.

Last week on Doom Radio, I interviewed David "Tolwyn" Shaw and Mark Klem alongside my co-host, James Paddock. Shaw and Klem were prominent composers in the Doom Community back in the late 90's and early 00's, so you have probably heard a lot of their stuff from WADs such as STRAIN, Requiem, Gothic DM, and Memento Mori 2.

Go to Doom Radio and listen!

October 26, 2013 by Matt Tropiano
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Salutations, all.

I've started a new show on Doom Radio about the programmers that help keep the Doom Community active called Knee-Deep in the Code, which I hope would pull back the curtain on some of the other people involved with Doom, other than the content creators.

Some parts of the broadcast may get a little technical in some places, but this should be expected when you have programmers talking a lot about their respective disciplines. In cases like these, I thought it best to bring a less tech-savvy person aboard to keep things accessible to everyday listeners. In the case of this episode, it was Doom Community and Doom Radio veteran Xaser, even though it was hard for him to get a word in during the broadcast (which is what usually happens when two passionate geeks start talking about their interests).

For the first episode, I was lucky enough to get Pascal vd Heiden for the first show. He had some quite interesting things to say about his projects and experiences developing software for (at the time) a growing community and how those experiences shaped his later works. Hopefully with future episodes, we get such insights with other guests.

Have a listen, and be enlightened.

August 4, 2013 by Matt Tropiano
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One weekend ago for Doom Radio/Tango TV, I hosted a topic about Criticism and Feedback, which focuses on receiving feedback, rather than giving. There was something awfully meta about criticizing criticism, but it was still a productive episode, nonetheless.

Joining me, Tarnsman, and st. alfonzo was Adam Windsor, a Doom mapping veteran, who provided us with a look at how he received feedback on his work way back when (something called "E-mail" I believe - wild!).

Get listening, man!

June 19, 2013 by Matt Tropiano
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This weekend for Doom Radio/Tango TV, st.alfonzo and I interviewed one of the Doom Community's long-time contributors, Adam "Capellan" Windsor, author of acclaimed megawad Demonfear, and contributor to such legendary projects as STRAIN and one of my personal favorites, Requiem.

In this episode, we discuss what makes classic Doom "classic" and how older projects were coordinated without the existence of forums and today's web-related tools, and some slightly curmudgeonly attitudes with "modern" mapping and community projects.

Have a listen, won't you?

So, this week on Doom Radio, me, st.alfonzo, Tarnsman, Joe Pallai, and RottKing got together and each made fully-playable maps for Doom in 100 minutes.

It's not purely audio - Tarnsman put up a video of everybody chatting while you see footage of him making his map. Better that it isn't just the audio - plenty of the airtime was silence and the click-clack-click of keys and mouse buttons.

Head on over to Doom Radio and have a look! You can also download the maps that we made on another link on that page, if you so wished.

May 27, 2013 by Matt Tropiano
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I probably should be promoting this since I'm now involved with it.

Every so often, I talk on the Internet with other Doomers about Doom-related things for Doomradio/Tango TV and this time it's for a show called "Program B" which is a series of discussions on different aspects of Doom Engine games and the community in general.

This fortnight's episode is about Doom 3 and speculation regarding Doom 4. I should note that the session could contain a bit of what could be considered "pro-classic-Doom" bias, but I feel that the discussion regarding the modern incarnations of the Doom Series is more objective than subjective in several places.

So, head on over and have a listen!