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So, Valve has finally released their in-game editor. And I couldn't be more thrilled.

I've always wanted to make maps since Portal came out back in 2008, but lack of personal time and the difficulty of learning Hammer, along with a lack of prefabs for some of Portal's common elements, kept me from starting. I mean, I've used WorldCraft, Hammer's predecessor, but the time and effort to relearn it wasn't something I wanted to invest. And, when it got right down to it, the time it would take to create a simple puzzle wouldn't be worth it in the end, I felt.

But now, thanks to the in-game editor, creating tricky puzzles has never been easier, or as fun! So every once in a while, I'll create and publish a map, using all of that extra time and effort to make something users can enjoy. It doesn't take the place of Hammer, and never will, but it remains an invaluable tool for those who wish to prototype ideas for Portal maps. You can easily generate something playable in minutes, polish up the puzzle elements and solution within an hour, and, should you want to, it has the ability to export the VMF base files to Hammer for fixing up or retexturing later!

I like creating maps for puzzle games because it tends to be puzzles in and of themselves - not only do you have to figure out how to make something that would require the player to think and work out a solution, but also make it in such a way that the player can figure it out based on what is visible to them, and this goes doubly so for first-person games like Portal.

I've got four maps up there in my Steam Workshop at the moment, so subscribe to me and you should get them.

Also, in other news, the first program that uses the idGames API is in public beta at DoomWorld, so any input would be great. I may also reveal some shots of the map that I worked on for the secret Doom 2 project that I'm a part of.

See you soon!

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