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April 20, 2012 by Matt Tropiano
Tags: Coding, Doom

Hey, everybody. Where have I been? Probably doing awesome things. Like, for instance, THIS THING!

It's a REST interface for Doomworld's idGames Archives, created by me, with help from Bill "Bloodshedder" Koch. The whole process took about 2 days, plus testing. Now you can get info on idGames Archive-related stuff but in XML form!

Writing it wasn't exactly a walk in the park, though - Doomworld kinda runs an ancient set of libraries - not what all the cool kids are running, so I had to kinda roll my own query parameterization functions and injection protection. But, should there be upgrades, it's easy to turn on support for the newer interfaces!

God, I rule so hard.

But what use is a REST interface to the layman? Well... none yet. But that is just the first step! The next step is writing a program that will use that information. Will I be writing something that will use the REST interface? Probably. After I take a small break.

Let me know if stuff goes awry. I'll probably need to fix it.

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