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July 10, 2015 by Matt Tropiano
Tags: Square, Doom

Hello, you beautiful peoples.

I probably should have said some stuff earlier about it, but I'm going to be at Quakecon 2015 from July 22nd to the 26th! I'm gonna be showing off The Adventures of Square with some other dudes on the team, namely Pavera, Clonedpickle, and the mysterious XASER!

What!? Xaser isn't an intricate Turing-Test-beating AI based in Antarctica and is actually a real dude? I know, I'm disappointed, too. But hey! I'll get to see him in person, and so will you if you come down to Dallas, TX for Quakecon!

Doom is in the hands of Bethesda, and John Carmack might not be there, but hey, it should still be fun, and other Doom Community personalities will be there, too!

Also, Square was mentioned in an article on Playboy's Website written by Ben Barrett. Just glad I didn't need to appear nude in the middle of it. Nobody wants that!

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