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December 5, 2011 by Matt Tropiano
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So I said to myself, I says, I says...

I says, "Self, what should I put on this website that no one will ever read?"

And my self says, "How about a bio that no one will read?"

"That's genius," I says to myself.

And so he says, "Whoa, there, buddy - save that ego stroking for the bio!"

"Oh yeah," I says. "It'd be a shame to keep this brilliant light under a bushel!"

And he says, "Easy, partner - let's not go tootin' horns that we own too loudly."

So I says, "Okay."

So here's my crappy bio, just in case you were wondering if you found the wrong me. Or, just in case that you find what you were looking for, welcome!

Thought I'd set the record straight since there could be a bunch of Matt Tropianos out there. If you think that you found the right Matt Tropiano, I'm not a naval officer that saved a bus full of people (sweet job, dude!), I'm not a 92 year-old from Pennsylvania (who died kind of recently according to online obituaries... condolences), and I never went to High School in Georgia (dunno who that this).

...Not like I'm the sort of weirdo that Googles his name, or anything. Don't give me that look.

I still dominate a lot of the links when you Google "Matt Tropiano"! Booyah!

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