Matt Tropiano's little slice of web.

Matt Tropiano

Age: 37
Occupation: Programmer, Designer, VISIONARY (when time permits)
Likes: Coding, drinking, smoking, terrible movies, and dumping the contents of my brain on a digital canvas, subject to the harsh, critical world of the Internet.
Dislikes: C++, "P" languages (yes, I know that this is coded in PHP, don't rub it in), Software evangelism, and clowns. Goddamn clowns.

What up, Internet. I'm Matt. Nice to meet you. I'm the Matt Tropiano that owns, runs, and programmed this site from scratch (no Wordpress)! Why? Because I can, and did. I might open the source code for it sometime in the future, like I do with any of the projects I finish.

I'm a professional MACRO32 DEC/VAX Assembly, C, JavaScript, and J2EE/SE programmer.

I'm an unprofessional PHP, OpenGL, and OpenAL programmer, Map/Level Designer, Computational Linguist, and nerd. Also, in case you need to narrow it down further, I'm the Matt Tropiano who plays a tiny role in helping keep a community alive, based around a video game old enough to drink in the United States.

I'm currently working on a game with BigBrik Games called The Adventures of Square. Play it!

This site is where I'm keeping my junk, both past and present. Feel free to peruse.

I also own Black Rook Software, a fledgling company that has pretty much done absolutely nothing of worth, yet.

My E-mail is Drop me a line, if you want.