Matt Tropiano's little slice of web.

This is the page where I put all of the stuff that I am currently working on, or have finished. Mostly finished, though - I tend not to promote.

As you can probably tell, I'm still making Doom maps. In my mind, Doom is still the one game where you can make something amazing and for significantly less time than you would make something for a different, more advanced engine. I tinker around with other games and technologies as well, so if I make something that I feel is worth sharing, it will be here.


Though I program professionally, I do a buttload of other programming in my spare time - a lot of which can be found at Black Rook Software. It's constantly being added to, and there are a bunch of other libraries forthcoming, but I have yet to release an end-product that uses them, so you're not gonna see them, yet.

I also have a Github Page. Other stuff goes there, too.

Level Design

Forsaken Overlook
Coffee Break Episode 1
Portal 2 Community Maps
Plutonia Revisited Community Project
Scourge of Viscerus
Community Chest 3